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To enter The Big Win Weekly Lottery you must be age 18 or over and is open to residents of mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland only (this excludes Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

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£5 per entry per month will ensure that you never miss a draw and any excess credits will be treated as a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society. The lower cost of £4.34 per entry per month is calculated at £52 (£1 per week) divided by 12 months. However given some months have 5 weeks, there may be weeks where the required credit to play in the draw of £1+ (from the 34p’s) has not yet been accrued. If you are playing at the higher cost of £5 per entry per month you can opt out of this additional spend at any time by calling 01524 753238 or emailing

We are unable to benefit from Gift Aid on Lottery Subscriptions, but we can boost any Donations received in the last 4 tax years/and any made in the future, by 25p in every £1, if you could please sign up to Gift Aid.

Gift Aid is reclaimed by Alzheimer's Society from the tax you pay in the current tax year, at no extra cost to anyone except the tax man!

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I am a UK tax payer and confirm I will pay an amount of income tax for each year that is at least equal to the amount of Gift Aid that all charities that I donate to will reclaim on my behalf. If I pay less Income Tax/Capital Gains Tax in any tax year than the amount claimed on my donations it will be my responsibility to pay any difference back.

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